2018 Season Recap: Washington Redskins


Division: NFC East

Record: 7-9 (2-4 in the division), NFC East 3rd



Stats Stats Per Game Rank
Total Offense 299.7 28th
Passing Offense 188.8 28th
Rushing Offense 110.9 17th
Scoring 17.6 29th
Time of Possession 29:37 19th
DVOA -19.4 28th

Offensive Thoughts

I’m not even going to go position group by group. The entire unit minus Trent W, Rouiller, Scherff, Guice, and like it or not P Rich needs to be completely overhauled. Bring back Crowder if you can but this is a good WR class (hallelujah), let him walk if that’s how it’s gonna be. Doctson is a WR3. Losing Cobb’s was dumb. We need Robert Davis and Quinn to step up/stay healthy. Moses health/ankles scares me. Our OL depth is trash. Bring back AP cheap. Find a way to utilize him, Guice, and CT25 to protect Colt/drafted rookie. Trading up for a QB is the worst decision this franchise could make. Kyler is literally RG3 all over again with his Dad and all, not going to be committed to a franchise unless he lands somewhere where he can be an NFL darling like Baker did. Lock has a lot of question marks but id consider him at 15 which means we don’t get him. Daniel Jones doesn’t deserve to sniff the first round. We’ve got no chance at Haskins without selling the farm. Day 2/Colt or dark horse FA/Colt is the only way to go. We need to draft a TE and this is a good class but it’s a luxury given our needs. Find a LG. Writing is probably on the wall for Davis, need the money and lack of production. Reeds a tough call. Can’t draft a rookie QB/FA and give him Doctson as your best overall WR.

We can’t fix this side of the football in one offseason. We can however solidify the defense. Through draft build your OL depth on Day3 , find a starting LG day2 or FA, let G Christian take over Ty’s role when he leaves (you have to, were in cap hell and you invested a third in this dude, Ty is a luxury we sadly can’t afford). Draft 2 WR, one early one late. Now is not the time to waste capitol to replace CT. We’re kind of screwed at TE.

Draft edge RD1 if you don’t trade down. If we trade up this teams screwed. FA/Draft a S day2. Take a shot on a CB early day 3.

THEN draft a QB in 2020. Now you’ve got a stable OL, a developing WR corps, Guice has had a year, the defense now has studs at the first and second level and you’ve at least got depth at CB although you need to find a stud at CB/S going into 2020. Biggest factor being they’ve had time to either keep or move on from Jay and the new coach isn’t inheriting a new roster AND a young, possibly overdrafted QB with no early picks in 2020 and 2021 because make not mistake that’s what it will cost to get into the top 5 for the first or second QB of your choice. I’m fine with a day2/3 qb and even Haskins/Lock and maybe even Kyler at 15, don’t get me wrong, but that is the absolute earliest we should be drafting a QB considering our current roster/cap situation. And before anyone says it, yes a rookie QB contract will alleviate cap problems but look at the Cardinals. Rosen is a better QB than anyone in this class. They still ended up with the first pick and the dude almost died half a dozen times last season. You don’t draft Dak Prescott then build around him. You build the team you want and then you give Dak Prescott a chance, with minimal investment, until a better option presents itself.



Stats Stats Per Game Rank
Total Defense 353.4 16th
Passing Defense 237.1 14th
Rushing Defense 116.2 17th
Scoring 22.4 15th
DVOA 1.7 20th

Defensive Thoughts


Pro: this group is locked in for years to come. Potential to be one of the best DL in the NFL in the next 2-3 years. Ioan is a stud of a fifth round pick that Jay deserves credit for (JP claims it was Jay and not GMSM who stood on the table for IoanMan), people forget 2018 was essentially Jon Allen’s rookie year because of the lis franc injury (the foot wasn’t an issue in 2018 too which is a big deal, it’s a recurring thing for a lot of guys and impedes their development, different position but Sammy Watkins is a good example). I stood on the table for Derwin but Payne was my #2. We got lucky the Bucs took Vea, they’re going to move on from G McCoy and I don’t expect Vea plus whoever they draft to look half as good as Payne and Allen. Payne looks like he’s going to be an elite two gap defender. Tim Settle, to Tomsulas credit, has gone from a poorly proportioned trex with tiny ankles who couldn’t stay off the ground at VT to a prototypical DL in one season. Word is he’s turning heads and has rare athleticism for his size that he couldn’t utilize before because he never did leg day. Huge rotational piece that gives Payne and Allen rest which we desperately needed last year. Caleb Brantley is a dark horse developmental guy and a great prospective acquisition by the FO imo. Lots of good here.

Con: it’s a super talented DL class and we likely could have taken Derwin last year and found our Payne replacement in the first or second round this year. Ahem, let’s not make the same mistake at QB please.


Pro: SDH might be a bit undersized but anybody who Saban trusts to lead his defense has a spot on this roster. Chemistry with Allen, Payne, and Anderson. Good IQ. Showed good development in 2018. On a rookie deal. JHC can be a money backer in the NFL, has the tools to carve out a larger role. On a rookie deal. I expect ZB to return next year. His proper usage is probably somewhere between his 2017 and 2018 exposure. Mason Foster has to go for a number of reasons. Finally, Reuben Foster is an elite talent when healthy. He’s going to be suspended. He needs to learn how to take care of his body because his play style is so violent. He’s a sideline to sideline animal that smaller backs want to avoid. He can wreck games behind that DL. The Redskins made the right football decision claiming him when they did. He’s going to be suspended 3-6 games (hence why ZB will return). It made sense financially, it made sense contractually, and all he has to do is ball out one game and no one ever talks about it again just like with Tyreek Hill and Joe Mixon (K Hunts on tape, he’s screwed). DV is wrong. Judging others character, guilt or innocence based off of MSM and reddit comments is also wrong. Go read the police reports, watch the body cams, investigate the accusers character and history. No charges doesn’t mean he’s innocent. Accusations doesn’t mean he’s guilty. If you can’t support the team while he’s on it then don’t, doesn’t mean the team made the wrong decision. Their job is to win games. The NFLs job is to maintain the leagues image. That’s why Jeffery Simmons wasn’t invited to the combine but he’s certainly allowed to play in the league (aka they want to look like they’re taking a moral stand but at the end of the day they want the best product on the field too). My two cents.


Pro: I liked what Gray did with Fuller and Dunbar. Moreau is young and we drafted him knowing he had little CB experience. Was recruited to UCLA as a RB I believe, insane measurables, esp agility and long speed. Doesn’t show in games because he’s still working out the nuances. His trajectory isn’t the same as Fullers, it’s the same Dunbar’s. Adonis should have a much bigger role moving forward and has the right traits. Stroman is fine for CB4/5 and got good experience.

Con: Dunbar is a huge questions mark with that nerve. Moreau should be on the outside exclusively rn, nickel DB is so technical and he’s not there. Norman is overpaid but a necessity for 2019 as this DB class is trash past the first round and even Greedy, Brown, and Baker have issues that will keep them all out of the top 10. There’s no Ward or Lattimore in this class and it’s not deep enough to produce many gems on day 2 or 3. We’re in a bad way here.


Pro: Ryan Kerrigan

Con: Ryan Kerrigan is getting older and his rushing styles reliance on speed means he’s going to fall off a cliff once he does fall off. Still a stud. Anderson was a bad pick given who was still on the board. Edge is the most metric focused position and Anderson is one of the least explosive edges in the NFL. We can’t afford Preston and we’re going to miss him more than people realize, he wasn’t a great fit, but his overall production warrants more love then he gets around here. He will thrive in the right system. We’re hurting here BAD. We have to go edge RD1. Jachai Polite please. Bosa and Allen will be gone. One of Polite or Burns will be there at 15. We better give em a long hard look.


Pro: Montae was pretty good as a rookie but he’s going to get suspended and has injury concerns and lost reps last year. That’s about as positive as it gets. I’m fine with Everett as S3. Clinton Dix is known for preserving his body when a contract is on the line. He’s a tough gamble. Looked like trash after the trade once he realized our season was over. I expect his play would have looked different had we kept winning. Also didn’t know the system. Not many positives here except that this is actually a pretty damn good safety class with some gems in day 2 and early day 3 (I forever hate our war room for not trading up in the fourth for Eddie Jackson, instead settling for Perone and Montae).


Draft Picks 2018

RD 1 Pick 13 - Da'Ron Payne, DT, Alabama

Going into the first round of the draft, most mocks had us picking up Vita Vea if he was there. I was excited about the promise of Vea coming out of college. 2017 Pack-12 DPOY, big body to stop the run, help on the DLine. PUMPED! Of course, he was drafted right before us by the Bucs at 12. We picked up Da'Ron Payne to fill that roll instead. Payne played in all 16 games. 35 Solo tackles, 56 total, and ended with 5 sacks, a forced fumble and recovery. He's still developing under Jim Tomsula who seems to just bring the BEST out of any Dline.

RD 2 Pick 27 - Derrius Guice, RB, LSU

Heading into day 1 of the draft, rumors came out about Guices' character issues. He fell, and fell, and kept on falling until we snagged him at 27 in the 2nd. This was HUGE for us! A feature back, what the hell is that on a skins team? Unfortunately, we didn't get to see what that was. In the very first quarter of the first pre-season game, Guice tore his ACL which ended his season. He did however have tons of time to earn the love of Skins fans around the world streaming on twitch and having fun all over social media.

RD 3 Pick 10 - Geron Christian, OT, Louisville

I hadn't heard much about Christian other than his potential. We drafted him to sit behind our tackles and let him develop. Unfortunately for us, due to injuries he was placed in the lineup a lot earlier than we wanted. However, after playing in two games he tore his MCL in Week 10.

RD 4 Pick 09 - Troy Apke, S, Penn State

Apke didn't really get the start in college until his Senior year. But damn did he look good. He participated in the 2018 NFLPA Collegiate bowl and was named MVP after 7 tackles, a forced fumble and a 56 yard interception return for a touchdown. Needless to day, the potential was there. Apke played in the very first game of the season and made an excellent touchdown saving tackle on a punt return, however he was injured on the play. The injury stuck, and he was placed on IR a month later.

RD 5 Pick 26 - Tim Settle, DT, Virginia Tech

Tim Settle is a Virginian through and through. He attended high school in Manassas, VA, went to VT and ended up being drafted by the Washington Redskins (They're Virginias team, I swear) Settle only played 2 years in college recording 53 tackles, 4 sacks and 2 blocked kicks. Following his 2nd season, he was named to the 2017 All-ACC Second team. He decided to not complete another year in college and declared for the draft. Settle is widely regarded as a great prospect between Redskins fans even though he only showed promise in one game. He will be one to watch for next season to see how he develops.

RD 6 Pick 23 - Shaun Dion Hamilton, LB, Alabama

Another Alabama player on defense here. Selected in the 6th round, Hamilton didn't see play until week 12 of the regular season. He then played in about 48% of defensive snaps combined between the Giants and Jags. He did have a minor injury against the Giants (seeing a trend yet?) that set him back a bit. He started his first game against the Giants in week 14 and looked competitive. This plus the waiver claim on Foster leads us to believe we may be moving on from Zach Brown and or Mason Foster.

RD 7 Pick 23 - Greg Stroman, CB, Virginia Tech

Stroman was picked purely as a special teamer, however ended up playing some DB due to injuries and poor play in our secondary. He recorded 1 interception, 31 total tackles and had a fair share of punt/kickoff returns. Expect to see more out of him on defense this year.

RD 7 Pick 38 - Trey Quinn, WR, Southern Methodist

MR IRRELEVANT! Quinn holds the all-time high school record for most career yards receiving. He put up some decent numbers his redshirt junior year with 114 passes caught for 1,236 yards. A lot of people liked this pick. He was thought of as a developmental WR with HIGH potential. So what happened to him? He suffered a high-ankle injury during the first game of the season after showing flashes of brilliance in the pre-season and was put on IR shortly after. He was re-activated later in the season, but re-injured his ankle and was put back on IR.

Free Agents

Name Position Notes
Ty Nsekhe RT Must re-sign here. Solid guy for depth and made some awesome stops during the times he's been in to play.
Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix S Traded for him when he looked like he was going downhill, and just continued downhill.
Pernell McPhee LB  
Shawn Lauvao LG This guys got so much potential if he can stay off the injured list! Should be a cheap re-sign for depth
Preston Smith LB Must re-sign. He's been playing like a beast since he was drafted. 2016 voted as one of the best under-25 players in the NFL. Strong performances in 2017 and 2018 says we need him. Can we afford him? Probably not.
Adrian Peterson RB Who would have thought you'd see Adrian Peterson in a Redskins Jersey at 33 years old, let alone rush for over 1000 yards. If the price is right, we need him back. Could be a great mentor to Guice.
Josh Johnson QB Probably should have stayed in the AAFL. He looked okay some snaps, and horrid others. Will probably bring him back as a camp body or potential starter depending on Colts situation
Mark Sanchez QB Mr Butt Fumble himself actually ended up recovering a fumble with his butt. He's absolutely gone, considering Josh Johnson beat him out for a starting position.
Austin Howard RT  
Tony Bergstrom C  
Jonathan Cooper LG  
Michael Floyd WR  
Luke Bowanko C  
Jamison Crowder WR We've somehow got to find the money to re-sign him. As a slot receiver he was a beast when he had other threats on the field.
Zac Kerin LG    
Zach Vigil LB    
Arie Kouandijo RG    
Maurice Harris WR Looked very good at points. Could re-sign him on the cheap
Byron Marshall RB  
Rob Kelly RB  


During the Off Season we made a massive trade for Alex Smith after ruining any chance we had with Kirk Cousins. Alex smith did as we expected. Pre-season came and went, and the Redskins didn't look horrible. We signed Paul Richardson to a 5yr/40mil deal. I was shocked. That much for him!? Turns out he was the best receiver on our roster at the end of the year.

Onto other matters. We started the season off great at 6-3 and were poised to take the division. However in week 11, Alex Smith went down. And he went down bad. He broke his right tibia and fibular on Nov 18th, 2018. Coincidentally, Joe Theismann had the EXACT same injury EXACTLY 33 years apart. Both games also ended with a final score of 23-21 and both injuries occurred right around the 43 yard line. Freaky.

The very next week we went on to start Colt McCoy. He played decent, however we still ended up losing the game. Then, the very next week Colt McCoy broke his leg, sending Mark Sanchez into our lineup as our starter. I don't remember anything past this as this led me to drink gallons of vodka.

Somehow with Josh Johnson starting, we still had a half chance in hell at making the playoffs, but couldn't get it together when it mattered. We lost to the Titans which all but sealed the deal, and then Big Dick Nick Foles shut us out in the last game of the season.

Coaching Staff Review

Head Coach - Jay Gruden - Gruden enters his 5th season as the Head Coach and boy has he got to be on the hot seat. Gruden hasn't brought much to the offense, although by his own sayings, he hasn't had the quarterback he's wanted yet.

DC - Greg Manusky - Many people were upset with this hire as he didn't have the experience we wanted. He hasn't shown to scheme to his players abilities, and doesn't make a lot of half-time adjustments. However, he does have us in the middle of the pack as for stats. Maybe with some more coaching, he can bring us to another level.

OC - Matt Cavanaugh was promoted to Senior Offensive Assistant this year while Kevin O'Connell becomes our new OC. He was the passing game coordinator in 2018 and boy was our passing game bad. Does this have to do with all the injuries? Who knows, but I'm not excited about this.

DLine Coach - Jim Tomsula - Probably one of our best coaches in place right now. With the talent we have, we're sure to see an impact next season.

ILB Coach Rob Ryan was hired at the end of January, and while he wasn't the best of head coaches, he sure was a hell of a positions coach.

Free Agency/Draft Concerns

1) QB - We have none. We are either going to go with Colt McCoy, or draft a rookie, or sign some kind of free agent. Not looking too good here. Most people have us either trading for Rosen right now if the Cardinals rumors are true, picking either Kyler Murray or Drew Lock if he's there.

  • Edit late - Seems we have traded for Case Keenum. At 3.5mil, this is purely a stopgap. Seems to me we are still in on Alex Smith as this puts us in the 5-7 win category and out of drafting a top QB next season.

2) WR - We have Paul Richardson, Josh Doctson who is turning into a bust, and Trey Quinn. We NEED help here. Thankfully, there is a LOT of depth this year in the draft, and we should be able to find some serviceable WRs in the later rounds.

3) S - If we re-sign Clinton Dix, we're still going to need help here. This is one of our greatest weaknesses on the team right now. Unfortunately, we're not in a position to go out and give some huge free agent contract, so we're going to go cheap, and still be hurting next year.

Cap implications going into next season

Before any moves are made (And I'm sure some will be) we are sitting at $16,969,921 in Cap space. After draft picks are signed, take away another $2,186,690 and we're left at $14,783,231. Not a lot of wiggle room to re-sign guys, extend anyone, or pick up any big FA's due to the Cap cost of a non playing Alex Smith, $20 mil, $15 mil going to Trent Williams, $14.5 Mil going to Josh Normal, $14 Mil going to Ryan Kerrigan and $12 Mil going to Brandon Scherff. The biggest things we could to do improve cap space is cut Scherff or Josh Norman. I do believe one of those things will happen, most likely with it being a trade of Norman as it would free up a decent amount of space.


Single shoutout to /u/DaftPope who gave me a lot of good info I wouldn't have been able to put into words myself. Also a shoutout to /u/therealDoctorKay for doing this and allowing me to be a part of it!

Final Thoughts

Last year we had our ups and downs. I was happy, I was excited. I was crying, I was laughing. But in the end, the Skins gave me a reason to watch football until the very last game.

I don't expect much this year. I'd be content with 2-14, but knowing the redskins and loving to mess it all up, we'll end up right backwhere we are now. 7-9. 8-8 with a shitty mid round draft pick and all the same problems.

I will finish with this!

#FireBruceAllen was trending for quite some time this year. The Redskins fan base is done with him, and hopefully soon enough the team will be too.

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