2018 Season Recap: New York Jets


Division AFC East

Record: 4-12 (1-5 Division) , 4th place AFC East

Playoffs: Come on, dude

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2018 Free Agency

As is the Jets' tradition under Mike Maccagnan, they went into the 2018 with a lot of cap space, very little in house talent, and big dreams. Year 3 of the Maccagnan Administration was in the books, and Christian Hackenberg had been declared a bust by everyone and my grandmother. Two years of never having taken a snap forced Maccagnan to go big on the Crown Jewel of free agency - Redskins QB Kirk Cousins. Cousins let the Jets think they had a chance, especially with his talk of wanting to play for Jets OC Jeremy Bates. But as it turns out, the Jets' dreams were nothing more than a ploy by the Cousins' camp to make more money out of the Minnesota Vikings on route to missing the playoffs in 2018. With Cousins out of the picture, Maccagnan was forced to look into different routes of acquiring the highly sought after franchise quarterback. In 2018 Free Agency, he made the following acquisitions:

  Player Pos. Team Contract
  Andre Roberts KR/WR Atlanta Falcons 1 Yr/$1.005MM  
  Terrelle Pryor Sr. WR Washington Redskins 1 Yr/$4.5MM  
  Morris Claiborne CB New York Jets 1 Yr/$7MM  
  Spencer Long C Washington Redskins 4 Yr/ $27MM  
  Avery Williamson ILB Tennessee Titans 3 Yr/$22.5MM  
  Teddy Bridgewater QB Minnesota Vikings 1 Yr/$6MM  
  Trumaine Johnson CB Los Angeles Rams 5 Yr/ $72.5MM  
  Isaiah Crowell RB Cleveland Browns 3 Yr/ $12MM  
  Josh McCown QB New York Jets 1 Yr/$10MM  

I personally believe that this is the best free agency class in the Maccagnan era. He handled things pretty well after whiffing on Kirk Cousins, by bringing back Josh McCown who, while abysmal in his limited appearances in 2018, was a great mentor to Sam Darnold. $10 million might be a bit high for my blood, but this whole year was about Sam Darnold, as I'll discuss later. They also hedged their bets by bringing on Teddy Bridgewater, and then flipping him for a 3rd round pick, which the Jets desperately needed after trading away 3 second rounders in the draft. Outside of the QB position, the Jets big acquisition was CB Trumaine Johnson. He was a highly vaunted press corner, who many expected to be a perfect fit for Todd Bowles' defensive scheme. His 2018 season was a bit divisive among Jets fans. Some insisting that he could have been great if not for injuries, and others accusing him of phoning it in on year 1 of his contract. Pro Football Focus graded him as above average in 2018, which, while certainly not bad, is a bit lower than you would hope for out of one of the NFL's best paid cornerbacks. Also on defense was ILB Avery Williamson, who was another high value pick up. He played almost as well as the man he replaced, DeMario Davis, while being younger and cheaper. Another nice pickup for Maccagnan. Some of these signings showed flashes of brilliance, before burning out. Such as Terrelle Pryor, who made this one-handed catch the week before he was cut and Isaiah Crowell, who shattered the Jets record for rushing yards in a game. But he's expected to be cut this offseason due to injury issues. Oh well, you can pay your respects by giving him toilet paper donations. Yikes. The lowlight of the Jets' 2018 free agency class is C Spencer Long. Long replaced Wesley Johnson, with the appeal of having a proven veteran at a key position on the offensive line. But all he brought the Jets was misery and a Sam Darnold injury. Even though Long was allegedly fighting through a finger injury. His poor blocking and abysmal shotgun snapping costed the Jets, and more importantly Sam Darnold, dearly. One of the worst free agent signings in Jets' history was cut just last week. But still, there's a lot to love about Maccagnan's offseason additions in 2018, especially with waiver wire claims like Pro Bowl kicker Jason Myers. It's a shame a solid free agency class didn't translate into more wins in 2018.

2018 Draft

  Player Pos School Round
  Sam Darnold QB USC 1  
  Nathan Shepherd DE Fort Hays St. 3  
  Chris Herndon TE Miami 4  
  Parry Nickerson CB Tulane 6  
  Folorunso Fatukasi DT UConn 6  
  Trenton Cannon RB Virginia St. 6  

I got a little bit too wordy with my breakdown of the Jets 2018 free agency class. So I'll try to be brief on the Jets' 2018 draft class. I wrote this whole post about the draft class shortly after the draft. I wrote about how nice it would be for the Jets picks to all be great, but that the 2018 draft would ultimately be tied to the success of Sam Darnold. After the Jets early trade up to #3 to acquire Sam Darnold, the Jets' mission was to surround him with talent to succeed. I'm planning a whole section to talk about Sam Darnold's 2018. As a whole, I felt the rest of the 2018 draft class was disappointing. There was a lot of hype around Nathan Shepherd, due to his allegedly impressive Senior Bowl that ended in injury. However, he made a few situational appearances, but did little worth note. Tulane CB Parry Nickerson similarly received hype, due to his high PFF grade. But he similary spent most of 2018 riding pine. Outside of Sam Darnold, most of the 2018 draft felt like a letdown. The one exception being Chris Herndon, who earned All-Rookie honors as he grew alongside Darnold into a large, reliable target - amassing over 500 yards and 4 TD's. There wasn't much to report in terms of UDFA's, aside from Frankie Luvu, who made some occasional contributions as a passrusher.

##All About Sam As important as free agency and the rest of the draft were, that's all peanuts in comparison to the biggest Jets' storyline of 2018: Sam Darnold. Prior to the Jets' trade up to #3, many were uncertain if the team would double triple down on its Hackenberg bet or move on to a new prospect. After the Jets moved up to #3, all the pre-draft discussion was on the quarterbacks. The Jets were attached to as many as 4 of the top quarterbacks. The one most commonly mocked to the Jets was Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield, but the lack of Darnold to the Jets predictions was mostly brought on by the assumption that Darnold would go #1 to the Browns or #2 to the Giants. The Browns surprised many by going with Baker Mayfield, and the Giants defied traditional wisdom by creating New York Sports' most annoying new debate. The Jets supposedly didn't think twice about drafting Sam Darnold. What the Jets did think twice about was signing Sam Darnold to his rookie contract. Sam Darnold's holdout bled into training camp.. But ultimately, both sides reached a resolution they were happy with. Once Sam Darnold was on contract, he did nothing in the preseason but impress. He showed great poise in his preseason appearances throwing for 244 2 TD's, 1 Int, and completing 64.4% of his passes en route to winning the Jets' week 1 starter job. While Todd Bowles did his normal song and dance where he pretends he has no clue who is starting, Mike Maccagnan got busy shopping Teddy Bridgewater, ultimately receiving a 3rd round pick in exchange for Teddy and a 6th. I'm about to break down the regular season, and I'll use that time to talk more about Sam Darnold's rookie campaign.

The 2018 Regular Season

I was a little strapped for time, so I'm not going breakdown each game individually. Instead I'm going to break the season into four quarters and break them down that way. It's probably for the best, considering some of these games are downright depressing.


The schedule Gods were especially cruel to the Jets this year. The Jets schedule had them not only playing 2 of their first 3 on the road, but making both of those two games primetime games. To make the schedule more unfair to the Jets, they began by playing 3 games in their first 11 days of the season. The Jets season opener was on the road in Detroit on the season premier of Monday Night Football. The Jets were heavy underdogs, as this was considered to be another rebuilding year for the Jets and the year the Lions finally breakout and become contenders in the NFC. The game, and Sam Darnold's NFL career, began on a disastrous note, as Darnold scrambled out of the pocket on his very first play of his career and proceeded to throw one of the worst pick sixes I've ever seen. And after that, the route was on, but perhaps not in the way you would expect. The Jets offense could not be stopped, as Isaiah Crowell rushed for his first touchdown as a Jets and Sam Darnold threw his first NFL touchdown, a 41 yard beauty to Robby Anderson. As the Jets took the lead at the half, and turned a win into a beatdown with a dominant third quarter. The Jets defeated the Detroit Lions 48-17. The celebration was huge, but shortlived as the Jets fell to the Miami Dolphins week 2. Sam Darnold showed a lot of inexperience, throwing for only 1 TD and 2 INT's. Jason Myers gave the Jets a preview with the season, with great field goal kicking, but suspect XP kicking. After losing 20-12, the Jets turnaround to game 3 was short, but much anticipated, as the entire football world was united against the Jets with the hopes of seeing the hapless Cleveland Browns steal a win from the "big, bad Jets" for the first time since the December of 2016. Any good coach would have an easy time motivating his players for a big and definitely winnable game on primetime. But Todd Bowles isn't a good coach. The Jets went out to an early lead, but blew it when Baker Mayfield came into the game. The Browns win their first game since The Force Awakens, 21-17. This was the point that Todd Bowles was a dead man walking. The following beatdown at Jacksonville only poured more dirt onto the grave. Capped off with losing 31-12 to Blake Bortles and the Jaguars, the Jets opened up their season 1-3.


Weeks 5 and 6 were the best stretch of the season. They put up consecutive impressive wins at home against the Indianapolis Colts, and the Denver Broncos. The Denver game was "The Isaiah Crowell Game", where Isaiah Crowell set the franchise record for most rushing yards in a game to help the Jets dominate the Broncos 34-16. With a score of 42-34, the Colts game was the Jets only win of 2018 against a team that would go on to make the playoffs. It was also one of Sam Darnold's best performances as a rookie, throwing 24/30 280 yards, 2 TD and 1 INT. After that, it was all down hill for a while, as the Jets were outmatched by the superior Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears. Sam Darnold had his worst two starts of the season as the Jets failed to even be competitive. It was in the week 7 game against Minnesota where RB Bilal Powell, the longest tenured Jet, suffered a season ending injury, likely putting an end to his Jets career. The Jets split this stretch 2-2, bringing their record to 3-5.

WEEKS 9-13

As bad as things got during the previous stretch of the season, things were about to get way, way worse for Sam Darnold and the Jets. In the previous weeks, Spencer Long's performance had gotten progressively worse. Reports came out stating that he had a hand injury. For whatever reason, Spencer Long played his worst game of the season, leading to Sam Darnold's worst game of the season. Snaps were routinely low and outside, leading to Darnold to take many sacks and throw 4(!) interceptions. The Jets lost 13-6, despite great kicking from Jason Myers (including 53 and 56 yard kicks) and the defense holding the Miami offense to 6 points. This game had too many atrocities to name. Such as Jermaine Kearse lazily catching a ball out of bounds. But the headline of the day was that Spencer Long's incompetency caught up with Sam Darnold, as the Jets announced that Sam Darnold would miss their upcoming game against the Buffalo Bills. Josh McCown would get the start in what looked like an easy win against a Buffalo team with more dysfunction than the Jets. Unfortunately, the Jets were caught off guard by Matt Barkley, and received one of their worst whoopings of the year, 41-10. The discussion around Head Coach Todd Bowles was no longer, "Should he be back?" but rather "why isn't he gone right now?". Todd Bowles had multiple career ending losses this season, and yet the Jets waited until the Monday after the regular season to fire him. The Bills loss was the worst of the year. Nothing went the Jets way, and to make matters worse, the loss preceded the bye week, so Jets fans had another week to soak in the devastating embarrassment. The Jets came out of the bye week to take their routine loss to the New England Patriots. The game was altogether unspectacular, but the beatdown could've been worse, as the Jets kept it within two scores, 27-13. The week after was McCown's 3rd start of the season, and it appeared as though things were finally looking up, as the Jets jumped out to an early 16-0 lead, thanks to a Trumaine Johnson pick 6. But just as many Todd Bowles Jets teams do, they completely collapsed en route to another heartbreaking 26-22 loss. Mercifully, this quarter of the season, and Josh McCown's Jets career, was over. Jets stood at 3-9 going into the second Buffalo game.

WEEKS 13-17

Just when things seemed hopeless for Jets fans, it happened. Sam Darnold made his return. And he came back better than ever. He lead the Jets to a comeback victory in Buffalo by a score of 27-23. The win was a much needed morale boost, and was one of the first games that felt like Sam Darnold carrying the Jets to victory, as WR Quincey Enunwa, RB Bilal Powell, and RB Isaiah Crowell were all out or limited in the game. Despite the Jets losing the week after against Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans, Darnold played even better than the week before, throwing for 253 yards, 2 TDs and 0 interceptions. The Jets kept it close against a playoff team, 27-23. Sam Darnold rounded out his stellar comeback tour against the Green Bay Packers by throwing for his best performance of the season, 341 yards, 3 TDs and 0 INTs. Despite jumping out to a large lead for most of the game, the Jets lost in overtime due to more Todd Bowles shenanigans. This three week span marked an outstanding stretch for Darnold. The 21 year-old rookie went 66.0% CMP, 764 yards passing, 6 TDs and 1 INT in his 3 games after returning from injury. In week 17, most of the team, and coaching staff, decided to phone it in against the future Super Bowl Champions. They lost by 38-3, but might as well have lost 222-0, because no one paid attention. The Jets finished their season 4-12 and with the 3rd overall pick in the NFL draft. The rookie class had limited influence in 2018, outside of Sam Darnold. The one exception was Miami TE Chris Herndon, who caught 4 TD's and 500 receiving yards as he earned All-Rookie Honors. They had three Pro Bowlers, K Jason Myers, SS Jamal Adams, and All-Pro KR Andre Roberts.

Head Coach Search

On December 29th, 2018, the New York Jets announced that they had fired Todd Bowles. Coach Bowles immediately took his rightful place as DC under Bruce Arians, as the pair went to Tampa Bay. Todd Bowles the man was missed dearly, but Jets fans and writers alike rejoiced at the news that Todd Bowles the coach was gone at last. What the fans and writers were divided on, however, was who should be the man to replace Todd Bowles. The line was drawn pretty clearly between young fans on the internet and older broadcasters and writers. The internet Jets faithful followed the lead of Jamal Adams in campaigning for USC Offensive coordinator and failed Texas Tech Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury. The radio waves, led most vocally by Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts, wanted former Green Bay Packers HC Mike McCarthy. Other options were Matt Rhule, who allegedly pulled his name out of contention due to concerns about being able to hire his own personnel, Chiefs OC Eric Bienemy, and Buccaneers OC Todd Monken. Whatever side you were on on the Jets coaching debate, you shared one opinion, which was do not hire Adam Gase.

The Jets Hire Adam Gase

On January 11th, 2019, the Jets looked to Adam Gase to be the 19th Head Coach in team history. Benigno and Evans lost their minds at Manish Mehta as the Jets media resorted to civil war, as the former Miami Dolphins head coach. Adam Gase brought an interesting set of experience to the Jets table. He was the first offensive minded coach to take over in 20 years, and made the playoffs in 2016 with Ryan Tannehil. The Dolpins had middling seasons in 2017 and 2018 with Jay Cutler and Brock Osweiler at QB. Many fans had concerns over Gase's relationship with his players. Some Dolphins players, allegedly Frank Gore, for example, took issues with him and the way he coached. Others, like Danny Ammendola, felt that Coach Gase was one of the guys.

Among other concerns the Jets faithful had was about the organizational power structure. Typically, the way an NFL franchise works is the owner is up top, and the GM/President reports to the Owner/CEO, and the Head Coach reports to the GM. However, supposedly the way that the Johnsons want to run the Jets is by having General Manager Mike Maccagnan and the Head Coach report directly to the ownership. Making them more of coworkers than as a boss and employee. It's possible that this is why they felt it right to fire Bowles but not Maccagnan. They also insisted that Mike Maccagnan be given complete control over the roster personnel with almost no say given to the Head Coach. This was likely a requirement that eliminated many coaching candidates from contention, paving the way for Adam Gase to get the job.

As for assistant coaches, Adam Gase brought with him, Offensive Coordinator Patton OswaltDowell Loggains. The Jets also brought on Browns DC Gregg Williams, infamous for his role in bounty gate, for the Jets DC role. As for Special Teams coordinator, they retained in house STC Brant Boyer, by popular request due to the Jets having one of the best special teams units in the NFL in 2018.

A New Look in 2019

By the time September rolls around, the Jets will look like a completely different team. Their coaching staff is already reworked. The Jets announced that they will be wearing new uniforms in 2019. We are expected to see what they will look like before the NFL Draft in April, potentially before free agency in March. We don't know exactly what to expect. Some unverified, stomach churning leaks have come out. I doubt those will be anywhere close to what they go with. The Jets toyed with Kelly Green uniforms for the color rush jerseys. Also, over the summer, they replaced the red non contact jerseys with black ones. Stay tuned to find out more on what pajamas the Jets will wear.


Perhaps even more important than what the Jets jerseys look like is the players wearing them. The Jets are expected to have substantial roster turnover, on account of the Jets having $95 Million in salary cap space as well as 23 outgoing free agents. One of the huge variables for the Jets' offseason plans is what type of defense Gregg Williams plans on running. Traditionally, the Jets have run a 3-4. But Williams usually runs a 4-3. The line between a 3-4 and a 4-3 is blurred more every year. Plus, it's hard for me to get tabs on what external free agents the Jets will target, as teams haven't been able to place the franchise tag on their players until today. So first, I'm going to rank the Jets' personnel needs as of right now, going into free agency.

  Rank Pos.
  1 C  
  2 DL  
  3 RB  
  4 LG  
  5 WR  

Spencer Long being cut(and being awful) leaves a planetary sized hole in the Jets' interior o-line, and protecting Sam Darnold (and getting him the ball) needs to be the Jets #1 priority this offseason. I ranked "DL" number 2, knowing how vague that position was. I noted earlier that thinking in terms of 3-4 vs. 4-3 isn't as productive as focusing on bringing passrush to the Jets front 7. The Jets will look at a lot of free agent options, like Jadeveon Clowney, Dante Fowler Jr. and Demarcus Lawrence. Though apparently the Patriots will not be franchise tagging Trey Flowers. But unfortunately, it's unlikely that any of these players will make it past the franchise tag period. Runningback is an increasingly devalued position, but not having any talent at the position can stifle an offense, especially one with a young QB that needs a dump off target or additional pass blocking. The Jets had Isaiah Crowell and Bilal Powell in 2018. However, the Jets are rumored to be releasing Isaiah Crowell before free agency as well as not re-signing Bilal Powell. This huge opening at the Jets' RB position, as well as a substantial amount of cap space, makes the Jets heavyweight contenders to sign Le'Veon Bell in free agency. Lower down on the totem poll is replacing LG James Carpenter, whose performance declined this year as he is headed back to free agency, building WR and CB depth, and solidifying the TE position with more blocking and receiving targets to supplement Chris Herndon's promising rookie season. Some Jets fans might be surprised to not see Left Tackle listed in my top 5, but I left it out because Kelvin Beachum graded above average by PFF and still has a year left on his contract, so while it's something the Jets should think about down the line, it's not as pressing as the other positions listed. Here is a rough projection of the Jets key starters going into free agency:

  Name Pos. Notes
  Sam Darnold QB1 GEQBUS  
  ? QB2 McCown is a free agent, but played rather poorly, I'd rather bring him on as a QB coach and sign a more capable backup  
  Isaiah Crowell RB1 Could be cut, will target Le'Veon Bell  
  Elijah McGuire RB2 5th round pick from 2017, had flashes, but little consistency  
  Robby Anderson WR1 Jets' best receiver, approaching RFA, past legal issues  
  Quincy Enunwa WR2 Talented big body receiver, just signed to a 4 year deal, but has had injury issues  
  Chris Herndon TE Solid rookie campaign, about to serve a suspension  
  Kelvin Beachum LT Stable veteran, Walter Payton Nominee  
  ? LG James Carpenter is leaving, Dakota Dozier was the backup  
  ? C Spencer Long is on the Bills, Jonotthon Harrison was the backup  
  Brian Winters RG Had a solid year back from injury.  
  Brandon Shell RT Average but balanced starter  
  Jamal Adams S1 President  
  Marcus Maye S2 Injured in 2018, VP  
  Trumaine Johnson CB1 Expensive, but was good  
  Morris Claiborne CB2 Hitting free agency, was okay in 2018  
  ? CB3 Jets looking to replace Buster Skrine at Nickel corner, had hopes about Parry Nickerson  
  Darron Lee ILB Had a promising season before suspension ended it  
  Avery Williamson ILB2 solid run stuffing linebacker  
  Leonard Williams DE Average but not living up to draft hype, might be trade bait  
  Nathan Shepherd DT Disappointing rookie year after being 3rd round pick  
  Henry Anderson DE Approaching free agency, came here to play in a 3-4, but we may be switching  
  Mike Pennell DE expected not to return  
  Steve McClendon DT Played NT, good veteran presence, but is getting old  
  Jason Myers K made pro-bowl, but wasn't the best XP kicker  
  Lachlan Edwards P solid but replaceable  
  Thomas Hennessy LS Goes well with Red Bull  


The Jets traded their 2019 second round draft pick in order to acquire Sam Darnold in 2018. They also gave up Teddy Bridgewater and a 2019 6th rounder to acquire a 2019 3rd rounder from the New Orleans Saints. Meaning that the Jets are missing a 2nd, a 6th, and have two 3rd round picks. They hold the #3 overall pick in the first round. The prize jewel that most Jets fans are holding out for is Nick Bosa, DE from Ohio State. However, since it feels unlikely that the Jets will win the Bosa lottery (just as was the case with the Adams lottery, the Leonard Williams lottery, and the Darnold lottery) many have recommended the Jets trade down with a QB needy team like the Jacksonville Jaguars or the New York Giants, to get back their second round pick and potentially more. Looking at the early mock drafts, the most popular targets for the Jets are Josh Allen QB, WyomingDE, Kentucky, Jonah Williams OL Alabama, and most commonly, Quinnen Williams DE, Alabama. There's a good chance that they might land one of these guys outside of the top 5. But Maccagnan has never traded down in the first round, so it would surprise me to see him give up on the Bosa sweepstakes early on.

2018 Retrospective and Conclusion

I wanted to save my opinions towards the end, so that I could keep it more analytical towards the beginning and middle. I mentioned earlier that I thought Maccagnan handled everything up to and including the Darnold pick pretty well, save for the nightmare that was Spencer Long. Looking back on year 4 of the Maccagnan era, I'm still frustrated with his general draft strategy. He continued his trend of drafting high upside run stuffing DL without any thought as to where they'd fit and what role they would play when he drafted Nathan Shepherd and Folorunso Fatukasi. He went his second straight year without drafting any offensive linemen, and his QB paid the price. The Eagles just won a Super Bowl a year ago by hoarding on to pass rushing DL and by investing heavily in the OL. The Jets went 4-12 this year by doing the exact opposite. The regular season was a predictable disaster, which leaves me wondering why Todd Bowles wasn't fired a year ago. What could have been a learning year for a young, high upside young coach felt like a lame duck year for a coach who would be considered the worst in the NFL if the name "Hue Jackson" didn't exist. This season was never going to be a playoff run, but it unnecessarily felt like complete agony for Jets fans as poor roster management and apathetic coaching sabotaged the team. People who want to believe that the Jets are going to turn things around this year spout things off like "The Jets have $100MM in cap space, they can sign all the good players they need!" or "The Jets can go into a draft without worrying about the QB position!". But that's meaningless if no one wants to sign for your loser team with a loser owner or if your manager consistently whiffs on his draft picks. I really want to be optimistic about the Jets going forward, but knowing that the Johnsons, who routinely screw the pooch on coaching decisions, and Maccagnan, who has a poor drafting record brought on by a nonsensical strategy, are still running the show is making it really hard for me to end this post on a high note.

But I'm going to try anyway, because this team has so much going for it. And I'm not talking about cap space or the draft. I'm talking about a culture and identity shift that is going on. The Jets have something they rarely have had in the last few decades: a leader on both the offense and defense. For once, the Jets have a compelling long term quarterback that can bring in and utilize offensive talent. He's more talented than Sanchez and healthier than Pennington. And most importantly, he's got the locker room. And that's especially true for Jamal Adams, the President. He's already practicing to tackle Tom Brady. I honestly think these guys will change the half-assed nature of the Jets locker room, they're both young leaders that I hope are on the Jets for a long, long time. To make things better, I think that Gase might actually be a sleeper as a coaching hire. For starters, many great head coaches got fired before catching on at a different job. Pete Carroll was fired from both his Jets head coaching job, as well as his job on the Patriots. But I don't think anyone hated him when he won 2 NFC championships and a Super Bowl. Bill Belichick got fired from the Browns, and I mean, nobody comes back from that. Andy Reid improved in KC, and the Doug Pederson hire was panned at the time. So just because Gase "only" made the playoffs in his one full year with Tannehil doesn't mean that Gase can't do great things as the Jets head coach. Gase (and very much so with Gregg Williams) will also bring an intensity to the Jets' locker room that had been absent since the Rex Ryan glory days. The stage is set for the Jets to change everything you've known about them for years. If the Maccagnan can change his draft strategy and capitalize on his cap dollar for once, the same old Jets can become the brand new Jets.

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